Telecommunications – offer for international operators

We guarantee a quality that you can offer to your clients. We have been co-creating the global telecommunications market for over 30 years. We provide voice and transit services for operators in Poland and abroad.

EXATEL has 680 interface points with domestic and foreign operators and 18 IP traffic exchange points. We cooperate with 444 operators from Poland and abroad. Thanks to us, they can benefit from the fastest link between Frankfurt and Moscow – 33 milliseconds.

Moreover, the company terminates 260 million minutes every month, for clients from all over the world. Owing to the fact that we have a vast network of proprietary and independent telecommunication nodes, we are able to rapidly react to incidents and remedy failures.

We are one of the largest operators dealing with voice transit in Poland. We have a vast network of exchange points in Poland, an international exchange point in Frankfurt (Ancotel) and large IP exchanges with Tier 1 operators.

Why us

  • We own a modern, constantly optimized high-capacity infrastructure that enables full band control
  • We guarantee low transmission latency
  • Owing to our nodes in Frankfurt and London, we ensure unlimited services over the East-West route
  • We assure full security and transit network level.

Hard facts

  • 23 800 km of a fibre-optic network
  • 160 operators with common exchange points
  • 100 Gbps – maximum bandwidth over one DWDM network line
  • 8 Tbps – DWDM network capacity.

We offer comprehensive service packages that are tailored to the need of companies from many sectors:

The number of medium and large-sized companies benefiting from our services has already passed 330 and is constantly growing.

The leaders of the financial sector have trusted us. We provide services to most banks in Poland.

Our modern and extensive fibre-optic network is over 23 800 km long – we reach almost every corner of our country.

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