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Anti-DDoS service for regional TV network

Cooperation with customers frequently starts with a single service to develop intensively over time. Sometimes customers contact us when they face an unexpected situation. Then, they want instant solutions. That was the case with one cable TV operator. At stake was the TV network’s reputation but also trust in our company. After all, we promise services tailored to the needs of our customers and assistance in every possible scenario.


A cable TV operator contacted us and requested to use one of our primary services – internet access. Everything worked fine until the Christmas holiday when the customer identified an anomaly in their network traffic. A short investigation and the diagnosis was there – a DDoS attack. Unfortunately, the customer’s solutions used so far proved insufficient. As a result, the services became unavailable.

What is a DDoS attack

DDoS, or distributed denial of service, is an attack targeting a computer system or a network service. The purpose is simple – to shut down the service. The very mechanism of the attack is not complex either. Many computers simultaneously establish multiple connections with the targeted network address “clogging” the line and overloading the server. The server shuts down and makes the customers unable to access the information stored on that server.

The simplicity of the attack is its greatest strength. All that is needed are webcams, smartphones, television sets, refrigerators – any device connected to the internet. Given the nature of the mechanism – a volumetric attack (consumption of the entire bandwidth available to the client) – the only successful protection is an operator-class solution.


Each regular ICT operator finds it relatively easy to activate a new service. It does, however, require preparing and signing a contract or an order. If the issue comes up during holidays, when companies only have maintenance and security teams at their disposal, the situation becomes seriously complicated. However, here the bottom line was to ensure the customer’s service continuity and their reputation. Actions were necessary – customer’s trust is something we value the most.

A natural solution was to deploy one of our cybersecurity services – Anti-DDoS. The holiday period was not a problem at all – our ICT security experts work 24/7/365, so we started our work instantly. Having cut the formality path, we neutralized the attack within several hours.


The operator-class anti-DDoS solution is an extraordinarily effective tool. The entire malicious traffic is redirected to special devices, where it is cleaned (separated). The clean traffic is redirected to the proper servers. To the service user the entire process goes unnoticed and the servers may restore their normal operations.

What result did the customer get? The attack was quickly contained. Operations of all the services were restored. The customer was very satisfied with our solutions, which proved effective on the actual battlefield. Thus, continuation of our cooperation was a natural choice.

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